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Searching for Short-eared Owls

It's that time of the year again when the Short-eared Owls are expected back at Papercourt Meadows for the winter. In fact, they should in theory have arrived about a month ago, but with none being reported (with the exception of a passer-by in mid-October) I headed down to the meadows on an overcast Sunday evening to see if any had arrived.

We arrived at just before 16:00, approximately 30 minutes before sunset. This would give us time to walk around the reserve for a short while to look for the owls before darkness fell. Unsurprisingly for a dull winters evening, there was very little about, with the exception of a few Mallards and Swans on the river, and the crows passing overhead.

It felt very peaceful, being out in the twilight, away from busy streets and noise pollution. But sadly, as darkness approached, there was no sign of any Short-eared Owls. It seems the winter of 2016-2017 may have to go down as another that failed to produce regular Short-eared Owls at Papercourt.

With …